AMS Family Benefits

The Benefits of Joining the AMS Vans Family


AMS Family members (our customers) enjoy the benefit of direct purchase. By purchasing direct from the manufacturer, the middle-man is taken out of the equation. Every disabled dealer needs to make money when they sell a van. If a mobility dealer is not a manufacturer, their only option is to mark up the price of the van or the conversion, or worse yet, both! Buying direct eliminates these markups and is the smart choice for every consumer.


Freedom is a powerful word. By joining the AMS Family through your purchase from our wheelchair van inventory you will obtain immediate mobility freedom. Buying the right accessible van at the best price will connect you with your destinations. Being able to leave the house easily to visit friends, family and appointments offers freedom from the four walls of your home. Freedom is about living and we desire that every buyer live life freely and fully.


One of the many AMS Family benefits is our competitive prices. AMS offers a unique approach to affordable accessible transportation that has a bottom-line impact.

First, the AMS team of experienced buyers search for the best pre-owned vehicles available, and then we install a new crash test certified lowered floor conversion. On any vehicle purchase from our inventory, you will save significantly by avoiding the instant depreciation consumers experience when purchasing new vehicles.

Secondly, when you buy direct from the manufacturer and eliminate the middle-man or mobility dealer, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars off the price of your wheelchair accessible van.

The combination of a purchasing a slightly used mini-van with a brand new wheelchair or scooter accessible conversion directly from AMS Vans can save you $3,000 to $10,000. Please visit our online showroom of wheelchair accessible vans and see for yourself just how much money you can save!


AMS Family benefits are far reaching. AMS Vans delivers nationwide to your front door. Our team of courteous and knowledgeable drivers will bring your new wheelchair accessible van to your house and spend as much time as needed to make sure you are comfortable with your purchase. Their primary job after getting the accessible van to you is to make sure you know how to operate all of the conversion equipment. Personalized service sets us apart in the industry.


Part of the value AMS Vans provides to our family of customers is the security of a new conversion on every van. Whether your budget can support a 2008 model or top of the line current year model, all AMS vans have a new conversion with full warranty that can be serviced nationwide. A new conversion provides reliability and the peace of mind every buyer wants. It is important to us that your family stays safe while on the road.


A warranty is like insurance and your next van should be covered. Every side entry van has with a new conversion has a 5 year/50,000 mile limited warranty. AMS Vans warrants the structural metal fabrication on the newly installed floor pan unit will not fail due to rust or corrosion for a period of 5 years or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first), from date of purchase. All other added or substantially modified parts from our conversion are warranted for 3 years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first).

Whether you need service in your home town or while on vacation in another city, our conversion warranty is honored nationwide. If you have any questions regarding service or warranty, please call us first at 1-888-860-2473. Service Department hours are Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm.


A strong conversion design, a simple approach, and a safe crash tested conversion should define your next wheelchair accessible van. Strength comes from our unmatched floor pan design. This design offers frame stability in the unfortunate event of an accident. Our uncomplicated, simple minivan conversion keeps maintenance and repair costs low. The safety conscious manufacturer builds each conversion as if the van was for their family.


Every AMS Family member can participate in our generous referral program. Word of mouth testimonies and referrals are our best advertising investment. During the sales process, if a customer lets us know that you told them about AMS, when they receive their wheelchair accessible van, AMS will send you a check! It’s our way of saying thank you! Be sure to ask your friends and family to give us your name when they call.


The AMS side entry conversion carries a 5 year / 50,000 mile limited warranty. If you experience any problems with the wheelchair or scooter accessible conversion, contact AMS at our toll free service number (below) and we will schedule an appointment with a service center near you. We will locate the center, schedule the appointment (if possible) and provide payment directly to the provider.

If the mobility van you choose has remaining factory warranty, any Dodge or Chrysler factory dealer should provide service on the minivan. The safe bet is to always contact AMS Vans first to determine who should perform the service.

If you have any questions regarding service or warranty, please call us first at 1-888-860-2473. Service Department hours are Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm.


AMS has inspections regularly which are done to assure quality practices in engineering, welding, installation, training of employees, insurance, and record keeping and are conducted by RADCO. Each conversion that we complete then receives a RADCO label that insures each step has been performed with the utmost care.


Our philosophy is to make our converted wheel-chair mini vans STRONG, SIMPLE and SAFE. To this end, the first of our AMS Vans Conversion units, as they would be called, were built and crash tested at Transportation Research Center in East Liberty, Ohio, (one of the top rated testing centers in the USA). In January 2000, with resounding success, we forged into production and built fully crash test certified lowered floor minivans.

As within any family unit, keeping the members of our family safe is first priority. That’s why we invest in crash test certification for our conversion. The AMS Vans conversion is built in Norcross, GA, and each successive model has been fully crash tested to meet Federal safety standards. Our certification is on file with NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).


AMS Vans strives to provide the very best selection. We realize that choice is important especially when investing your hard earned money in an accessible vehicle that will be driven for years to come. Our buyers personally select every van we purchase for conversion. We convert late-model Dodge, Chrysler, Honda and Volkswagen minivans--our broad selection provides greater price options. At AMS Vans we purposely keep a diversified inventory of wheelchair accessible vans representing a range of prices that fit almost any family budget.


Most mobility dealers want to ignore the following question. "What happens when I no longer need the handicap van?" AMS Vans hopes this day is far off for your family, but we do recognize the validity of this question. In times of hardship, family needs to be there for one another. The AMS Vans family is here to help your family if you reach this crossroad.

The option that offers the greatest return is for you is to sell your handicapped van direct. However, AMS is here to help. If you purchased your accessible van from us, we are happy to list your wheelchair van on our classified listings at no cost. Prospective buyers would contact you directly and we would simply be an avenue of advertising.

The next best option is for AMS to sell your wheelchair accessible van on consignment. Using this option will incur a 10% of the sale price as commission fee and we would need to get your mobility van back to our facility to market it successfully.

Finally, if you just don't want to mess with it, AMS will offer to purchase your handicap accessible mini-van. This avenue will bring the smallest financial return, but sometimes it is the quickest and easiest way to move on. Loss is always difficult and there is really no price for peace of mind.


Adaptive Mobility Systems, Inc. has been serving Greater Atlanta area customers since 1979. Like many other adaptive equipment dealers around the USA, we built custom full size lift vans for our clients in wheelchairs and later became dealers for several lowered floor minivan companies. We also sold a full line of equipment from scooter lifts to hand controls. However, by the end of the 1990s we came to realize that the lowered floor minivan was going to someday replace the larger and more cumbersome full sized wheelchair lift vans that had been the mainstay of our industry. The ease of driving and parking the minivan plus the lower cost of operation was surely going to propel the lowered floor minivan into the forefront of the handicap van market.

The spring of 1999 brought a new owner to Adaptive Mobility Systems, Inc. with over 37 years of automotive background. His experienced design team immediately set out to build a reasonably priced lowered floor minivan system based on pre-owned Dodge Grand Caravans, and Chrysler Town & Country models. Experience does not carry a price tag--it’s priceless.


Not everyone who joins the AMS Family lives in Atlanta, Georgia and can visit our 20,000 square foot indoor showroom and 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility. That’s why references are important. Most of our buyers find us on the internet and buy their wheelchair van 'sight unseen.' Many of these customers are more than happy to share their AMS Family experience with others who are contemplating making a long distance purchase. Talk with a proud owner of an AMS van about their expectations, experience, service and quality. It will quickly set your mind at ease. Buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle is a big decision and we would be glad to provide a reference near you.


Service is one of those things companies boast about but rarely deliver on. Some companies state "Where Service is Best" and then knock your head off on the price of their wheelchair van. The AMS Vans Family regards this service oriented business as a ministry. We look to the life and ministry of Christ as our example. AMS is committed to enhancing and improving quality of life for all. It’s more than a van sale when you call. We see a valuable individual to whom we might impart Faith, Hope, and Love.

As part of our company philosophy, we:

Integrity is What We Do, What We Say, & What We Say We Do

In any family, trust is important. Because our foundation is about helping people, people are always first. You won’t receive any unfulfilled promises here. We don't believe in selling and then dropping the ball. We believe in honest representation and we follow through on commitments made. That is why we list the prices of our wheelchair vans online. What you see is what you get. Why do you think some disabled dealers decide not to list their handicap van prices online? We are not one of those mobility dealers with a so called car dealer mentality.


AMS Vans, Inc. is not just another company. Every employee shares the same vision and has a desire within to help others. Our Family believes, "It's not about who you say you are, but what your actions say about you." Each member of the AMS Family is grounded by their faith in God and compassion for people. A common desire to help others and a shared Christian faith is what has drawn us together as a 'Family'. We would be honored to have you join our Family.

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