Basic Conversion Information

Basic Handicap Van Conversion Information

Wheelchair van conversions are performed by AMS Vans in Atlanta, Georgia and are available on new and used minivans. Customers may choose to have an existing used minivan be modified, buy a pre-converted new or used wheelchair van for sale in our online inventory of handicap vans, or purchase a new/used minivan from a local car dealership to be modified.

Types of Wheelchair Van Conversions and Features

Makes and Models We Accept for Handicap Van Conversions

We recommend that you consult our mobility professionals before purchasing a new or used vehicle from another dealership to bring to AMS to modify for handicap accessibility, so we can be sure you are purchasing a vehicle that is compatible with that AMS conversion. Among the compatible minivans choices:

AMS Legend Handicap Van Conversion
- Chrysler Town & Country (2008+)
- Dodge Grand Caravan (2008+)
- Volkswagen Routan (2009+)

AMS Edge Handicap Van Conversion
- Chrysler Town & Country (2008+)
- Dodge Grand Caravan (2008+)
- Volkswagen Routan (2009+)

AMS Edge II Handicap Van Conversion
- Chrysler Town & Country (2008+)
- Dodge Grand Caravan (2008+)

Handicap Van Conversion Process

To learn about everything that is done to minivans during the AMS van conversion process, visit the Wheelchair Van Conversion Features and click on the specific AMS van conversion you are seeking -- AMS Legend, AMS Edge, or AMS Edge II.

How Long It Takes to Modify a Minivan

Wheelchair van conversions typically take about 3-4 weeks, not including delivery. Pre-modified minivans are typically ready to be picked up immediately or can be delivered in as little as 24 hours, depending on distance and availability.

Safety Information

Our wheelchair van conversions that have been crash tested for safety, passed the more stringent current FMVSS requirements on the first attempt. We perform extra safety measures not seen on most handicap van conversions.

Wheelchair Van Conversion Warranty

All new and used minivans that are newly modified by AMS have additional warranties covering the conversion ramp and the floor system, as well as any new or remaining vehicle warranty provided by the original vehicle manufacturer.

- New AMS Wheelchair Van Ramp Conversion: 3 year/ 36,000 mile ramp warranty

- Used AMS Wheelchair Van Ramp Conversion: Any remaining on the 3 year/36,000 mile ramp warranty

Adaptive Mobility Systems agrees to replace or repair any AMS modified ramp conversion part that we find to be defective within the applicable warranty period of 3 years or 36,000 miles. If it is determined that warranty work is needed, AMS will set up an appointment with a certified mechanic or service center within your zip code or city to repair or service your wheelchair ramp or conversion.

- New AMS Floor System: 5 year/ 50,000 mile lowered floor warranty

- Used AMS Floor System: Any remaining on the 5 year/50,000 mile lowered floor warranty

Adaptive Mobility Systems warrants that the structural metal fabrication that has been performed on the newly installed floor pan unit will not fail due to rust or corrosion for a period of 5 years or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first), from date of purchase.

Custom Driving Aids and Modifications

AAVans carries a broad selection of driver aids and mobility equipment that can be added to your minivan at the time of conversion. These include everything from DVD players to wheelchair lifts. Some mobility products such as hand controls or EZ Locks require the wheelchair user to be present at the time of installation. Call for a complete list of available mobility equipment and driver aids to add to your handicap accessible van conversion.

Delivery/Pickup/Drop Off Information

For a wheelchair van conversion on the minivan you currently own, you may either drop off your minivan, or we'll come pick it up and return it to you upon completion. (Normal delivery fees apply each way, see delivery information for your city.)

If you're having a wheelchair van conversion done by AMS on a brand new minivan, the transport fee to our Atlanta facility varies, and can be free depending on the place of purchase. Please call for full details.

For wheelchair vans for sale in our inventory, you may choose from the delivery options below: Local Atlanta Pickup: If you'd like to pick up your newly-converted minivan yourself here in Atlanta, we will give you a maximum pick-up discount of up to $800 off the price of your wheelchair accessible van! (Does not apply to the free delivery area, see your city/state for details.)

Delivery Discounts

Local Georgia: Front door delivery of your finished AMS wheelchair accessible minivan is free within the state of Georgia. We will deliver the van to your driveway or business and provide personal training with all the new features of your handicap accessible van conversion.

Out of State: We can deliver your completed AMS wheelchair accessible minivan to your driveway or business for an additional fee, and will always provide personal training by a mobility professional to show you how to fully enjoy and use your wheelchair accessible van. See delivery information for your state.

Drive & Fly

Fly into the Atlanta airport, and we will arrange to pick you up from the airport. You can then drive home in your new handicap accessible van conversion. Save $500 off the price of your van conversion when choosing this option.

Have more questions about the AMS wheelchair van conversion? Call 888.888.8267 or contact us through our online form, and we'll promptly assist you with all your questions.

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