AMS Edge II Rear Entry Handicap Van Conversions for Accessible Transportation

Introducing the AMS Multi-Purpose AMS Edge II Long Channel Rear Entry Wheelchair Van! Our Long Channel Rear Entry Van is ADA compliant and equipped with an extra long channel starting directly behind the front seat to the rear of the van for single or multiple wheelchairs. Additional seating on either side of the foremost wheelchair user gives the capacity of up to 4 passengers - in addition to the 1-2 wheelchair users. If additional seating is still required, jump seats can also be added. Everyone from families with multiple disabled members, taxi companies, or businesses needing medical transportation for one or two wheelchair users at a time will benefit greatly from the AMS Long Channel Rear Entry van conversion!

The AMS Long Channel Rear Entry wheelchair van conversion features an extended interior channel allowing up to flexible passenger seating or ambulatory transportation, while keeping the rear suspension specially designed to handle the additional weight of wheelchair passengers as well as the conversion itself.

In addition, the AMS Vans Edge II Long Channel Rear Entry conversion can be upgraded with other mobility equipment items such as an EZ lock wheelchair docking system, hand controls, transfer seats, or any other type of adaptive technology tailored to fit your needs and lifestyle. AMS Vans includes a free set of Q'Straint QRT Max retractable wheelchair tie down straps with every newly modified AMS rear entry handicap van.

After you have talked to one of our mobility consultants and picked out the custom adapted van conversion that best suits you, we can conveniently pick up your vehicle and bring it back to you, fully converted and ready for you to enjoy, and all within the quick turnaround time of about 3 to 4 weeks! (Delivery/Pick Up fees may apply.)

Upon delivery, our mobility specialist will go over all of the features on your new wheelchair van, point by point. Not only will they teach you how to get the maximum performance from your new rear entry handicap accessible van, but they will also ensure you are as satisfied with our work as we are.

Once you have the keys in hand, we continue to be by your side, mile by mile, with our 24-hour toll free emergency help line and nationwide service. Down the road, when you are ready to upgrade to a new AMS Vans handicap van, we'll either buy your wheelchair van outright, take it on trade, or give you free access to sell your van on our nationwide mobility classified ads specifically for accessible vehicles. This is a $100 value just for being part of our family and is only one of the ways we continue to stay committed to you!

Call 800-775-8267 today to speak with one of our mobility consultants and get started on your road to freedom!

Price - AMS Edge II Mobility Van Conversion

Available for $14,980

Handicap Accessible Van Conversion Details

Entry Type: Rear Power Ramp
Lowered Floor: 10"
Frame Modification: Bumper and Frame
Industrial Textured Non-Slip Rubber Flooring in Rear: For The Channel
Custom Exhaust System:
Wheelchair Ramp: Manual Foldable Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp
Middle-Row Seating: Middle Row Seating Types
Complete Undercoating and Rustproofing:
Custom Higher Capacity Rear Springs for Additional Payload:
Custom Fuel Tank with lines and Filler Neck:
Automotive Carpet Kit:

Seating - AMS Edge II Accessible Vans

1 Passenger Seating
Seats 1 passengers in a wheelchair.
Up to 2 Passenger Seating (requires EZLock)
Seats 2 passengers in a wheelchair.
1 Passenger Seating
Seats 1 passengers in a wheelchair.
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