Handicap Accessible Vans

By Tykie Crum

Wheelchair accessible vans are making the lives of those with disabilities fuller and more enjoyable. Most disabled individuals can operate these handicap vehicles on their own and enjoy increased independence. The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 addresses the issues of the 43,000,000 Americans who have physical or mental disabilities. Current laws have made most public areas wheelchair accessible. Those with disabilities can now enjoy restaurants, theaters, sports arenas, churches and schools. Handicap accessible vans can help get disabled individuals out and about to enjoy and experience life.

Today the handicap accessible vans market consists mainly of mini-vans. The larger full-size converted vans are still available but are no longer as desirable. The smaller, family friendly converted mini-vans handle more easily, get better gas mileage and actually fit in a normal garage. They are also remarkably roomy. These handicap accessible vans can be customized for side ramp entry or rear entry. Many have several options to choose from, whether the disabled individual is a driver or passenger.

Safety Standards for Handicap Accessible Vans

Each different conversion and model of handicap accessible vans should also be crash tested and must pass NHTSA safety standards. Some mobility dealers and manufacturers have testimonials on record as to the safety of their handicap accessible vans in real life crash situations.

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