Handicap Van Conversions

By Tykie Crum

The market today for handicap van conversions has expanded greatly from what it was just a few years ago. Individuals with disabilities now have many options to choose from regarding mobility transportation. These options include the size and style of vehicle to hand controls, lifts, ramps and more. Of course, these handicapped van conversions, with new state of the art mobility equipment, can be expensive. Some companies offer brand new handicapped van conversions on pre-owned vans, complete with warranty, which can save the buyer thousands of dollars.

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It is very important to research the mobility dealer who specializes in handicap van conversions. An experienced and professional mobility dealer will have taken the necessary steps to become crash test certified by the NHTSA.

Types of Handicap Van Conversions

Some disabled individuals need only a few simple modifications to their vehicle in order to become independent and safe drivers or passengers. Others need a full scale conversion, involving structural changes to the vehicle itself to include lifts, ramps, EZ-locks and additional height. In either case, such modifications should only be performed by a certified mobility dealership's qualified mechanical engineers. Again, check to make sure the mobility dealer carries the has crash test results on file with the NHTSA.

Most mobility dealers have user friendly websites listing the different types of wheelchair van conversions and mobility equipment they offer, as well as available financing options. The expert mobility dealer will be able to help the disabled individual assess his/her needs and recommend exactly the type of mobility equipment for a customized handicap van conversion. The customer should feel absolutely safe regarding all aspects of the vehicle and its features.

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