Get The Best Price When Selling Your Used Wheelchair Van

Everyone wants to get the best price for their used handicap van. But what is the best way to do this? Should you sell your vehicle yourself or use a dealer? Here are a few things to consider.

Selling Your Used Wheelchair Van Yourself

Selling your used wheelchair van yourself allows you to set your own asking price and bypass having to pay a dealer. While this option can work for some, many people don’t realize the amount of time required to market and sell a wheelchair van to serious buyers. The features of an adapted vehicle can make it a challenge to price for resale. Also, used wheelchair vans need to be advertised to the niche market of buyers for accessible transportation. Marketing techniques that work for non-adapted vehicles, like the classified ad section of a local paper, or an Auto Trader-type publication, are unlikely to reach this audience in a timely manner. In addition, selling your wheelchair van on your own requires a large investment of your time answering inquiries from people, especially questions of a technical nature.

Selling Your Pre-Owned Wheelchair Van Direct To AMS Vans

Selling your pre-owned wheelchair van direct to AMS Vans allows for a quick cash payment with nationwide pickup. For starters, we sell only accessible wheelchair vans, so we know exactly what your vehicle is worth. We buy gently used wheelchair vans directly from private sellers at some of the most highly competitive offers in the industry. Simply fill out the online form to sell a used wheelchair van, and one of our mobility consultants will contact you with an offer, usually within 24 hours.

Selling Used Accessible Vehicles with the Mobility Consignment Program

Our consignment program is a great choice where we handle the sale of your used wheelchair van within the AMS classifieds for a small percentage while you hold on to the title. Our mobility consultants will write the perfect ads to target serious buyers, handle inquiries, and place our advertising where it can be seen by the right buyers. We will contact you with any offers, even those that differ from your asking price, so you control of the sale of your used wheelchair van.

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