Hand Controls for Vans, Cars and Trucks

Hand Controls

Hand Controls Installed $1,175.00

For those in the disabled community who have limited lower mobility and are interested in driving an AMS Conversion minivan, the answer is hand controls. These systems are designed to allow a driver to manipulate the brake and gas pedals using a specially designed lever that typically gets mounted below the steering wheel.

The hand control systems that we install are designed to have the highest levels of user-friendliness, ease of operation, and safety. They also do not interfere with standard driving. No adjustment of the system is required to allow for standard drivers to be able to operate the vehicle.

The primary way in which hand control systems differ is in how the lever is operated to perform the various driving functions. Before you decide on a particular hand control system, make sure that it's operation fits your mobility needs by reading the comparison below.

Hand Control Types:

Wells Engberg Hand Controls and Mobility Aids
 Wells Enberg Hand Controls for Accessible Vehicle

The Wells Engberg hand operated mechanical driving controls provide safe, easy and more convenient vehicle operation. Wells Engberg offers four different types of mechanical controls to suit all needs and are competively priced.

The Wells Engberg hand controls are universally mounted, using a common set of connectors which allows installation in the majority of domestic and foreign cars, light trucks, and vans equipped with automatic transmission and power brakes. They have designed special mountings for some vehicles which make installation even easier.