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Easy Access to Mobility Vans

Limited mobility shouldn’t place limits on life. Rest assured we at AMS understand the reality of how difficult it can be to find affordable accessible transportation for individuals with reduced mobility. Vans on the market, whether for rent or purchase, are often in dire condition. Available mobility vehicles that are in good shape are usually priced above market value. Fortunately, we at AMS have recognized the need for affordable and reliable mobility vans, and have dedicated our professional lives to connecting people with their destination.


Mobility Vans from AMS Vans – Direct, Affordable Conversions

With AMS Vans, you no longer have to tolerate the aggravation of over-priced or unreliable mobility vans. In addition to providing conversions way below normal dealer cost, we offer a variety of services to enhance your purchase experience. Our nationwide delivery and service, simple conversions for fewer mechanical problems and wheelchair van resale program combine to give you everything you need to enjoy your mobility van.

We are dedicated to educating our customers and matching the mobility van that is best suited to your particular needs. Contact us today and allow us to serve you. That’s why we’re here.

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