Traveling With Handicapped Vans

Getting around better in a handicapped van from AMS Vans, Inc

Over the last few years, the world has become more and more accessible to the disabled. While all public buildings are required by law to be handicap accessible, many private businesses are choosing to make their buildings and facilities handicap accessible for both employees and customers.

Just a few summers ago, Yosemite National Park even began construction on a wheelchair-friendly trail, paved and with a gentle incline that leads to the base of Yosemite Falls. With even the national parks opening up to the disabled, all that remains is getting your wheelchair from your home to your destination. From Philadelphia and Boston to Phoenix and Houston, the nation is becoming more accessible each year; with our delivery of nationwide handicapped vans, perhaps it's time to make an investment in mobility.

Making It Easy to Get Moving

While it was once a painfully large investment to buy a handicapped van that had been equipped with a wheelchair lift, advances in the industry have led to more affordable ways to convert vans for the handicapped. Now, instead of needing a huge lift on a full-size van to transport someone who travels in a wheelchair, you have a wheelchair ramp installed into a lowered floor minivan. Consequently, you can buy a used mini-van that has been equipped to carry a wheelchair for less than it would cost you to buy a new full-size van without a conversion of any kind.

These converted mini-vans couldn't be easier to use, either. The handicapped van conversion consists of having the whole vehicle lowered, so that a sturdy ramp is all that it takes to get a wheelchair inside. This change not only makes handicapped transportation more affordable, but also makes it a lot quicker and easier, too. Once the wheelchair is inside the van, it is easy to secure. All of AMS Vans' handicapped conversions come with a strap-in system that tie down the chairs for safety. In addition, you have the option of installing an easy-lock system that enables the wheelchair to simply snap into place on a locking mechanism inside the van. Both options are equally secure, and are sure to hold any passengers safely in an accident.

With our affordable options and financing programs, there's no reason not to look into our wheelchair vans.

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