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Transfer Seats and Mobility Turny Solutions can Make Life Easier

AMS Vans offers a variety of Transfer Seats and Mobility Turny Seat solutions from some of the top brands in the mobility industry.  Transfer and Turny seats are designed to aid a wheelchair or scooter user with transferring to a vehicle seat inside a minivan, car, truck or lowered floor conversion van.

Manufacturers like B&D and Bruno make power transfer automotive seating easy and accessible. These transfer seats are safe, efficient and comfortable. There is finally a way for wheelchair users to get in and out of any mobility van or automobile with ease! We look forward to helping you determine which transfer or turning seat is right for you and which design meets all of your mobility requirements.

B&D Transfer Seats

Wheelchair transfer seat for a minivans, full size vans or a specialized vans.

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Bruno Transfer Seats

Bruno Independence is known for their wheelchair transfer seating options.

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Adapt Solutions Transfer Seats

AMS Vans wants to make transferring from vehicle to your wheelchair as easy as possible.

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Tell us how we can help you custom fit your car, truck, van or accessible vehicle with a transfer seat or mobility Turny solution to meet you specific needs and budget.