Wheelchair Securements

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Wheelchair Securement Systems and Tie Downs

The law requires the use of wheelchair tie down straps or electronic docking systems to keep wheelchair users safe and secure while a wheelchair accessible van or specialty vehicle is in motion. With each individual’s specific needs and preferences in mind, we offer several options for manual and electronic wheelchair docking systems.

AMS Vans' trusted advisers will work closely with you to insure complete satisfaction with your custom fit wheelchair vans. We are committed to making sure you are safe and secure when purchasing one of our wheelchair securement systems.

Q’Straint QLK-150 & Wheelchair Docking System

Auto Locks ensure wheelchair securement through a snap and lock process. Perfect for caregivers.

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Wheelchair Tie Downs

Customer safety is important at AMS Vans. We have wheelchair securement options for you and your wheelchair accessible van.

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Request Information about Wheelchair Securement Systems and Tie Downs

Tell us how we can help you custom fit your accessible vehicle with a wheelchair securement system to meet you specific mobility needs and budget.