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Wheelchair Tie Downs & Docking Systems

Wheelchair Tie Down Systems are designed to keep your wheelchair, yourself, and passengers safe and secure inside your handicap van during travel. You can choose from different types of wheel chair securement devices including manual 4-point wheelchair seatbelts such as the retractable Q'Straint wheelchair tie downs or electronic wheelchair docking systems such as the EZ Lock. Both Q'Straint and the EZ Lock system have been in the business of safety for many years, and their goals as well as ours are to keep you safe and secure while riding inside your wheelchair van.

Manual Wheelchair Tie Down Straps

Wheelchair tie downs such as the Q Straints are similar to "seat belts" that are attached to four points of the wheelchair to lock it in place during travel. Manual wheelchair tie down straps are used for wheelchair passengers.

Q'Straint Max Retractable Wheelchair Tie Down Strap Q'Straint Max Retractable Wheelchair Tie Downs

The QStraint Max is a tie down system with a retractable strap for safety and security of wheelchairs inside a Handicap Accessible Van.

Q'Straints M-Series Wheelchair Tie Downs for wheelchair van Q'Straint M-Series Wheelchair Tie Downs
Model M-Series

The QStraint M-Series the budget-friendly version of the wheelchair tie down system.

Electronic Wheelchair Docking Systems

Electronic wheelchair securement systems allow the wheelchair user to drive into a single point unit that locks the wheelchair into place automatically.  Electronic powered lockdown systems are used for wheelchair drivers and passengers.

EZ Lock Wheelchair Dock for Handicap Vans EZ Lock Wheelchair Dock for Handicap Vans

The EZ Lock is an electronic wheelchair securement system that monitors the docking status of the wheelchair during transport.

Q'Straint QLK-150 Wheelchair Docking System for wheelchair van Q'Straint QLK-150 Wheelchair Docking System
Model QLK-150

The QLK-150 is a similar wheelchair docking system that is created by Q'Straint and has been tested for forward, sideways, or rear positioning of a wheelchair user.
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