Wheelchair Van Conversions Made Simple

AMS Vans has been in the wheelchair van industry since 1999, and in that time, we've taken note of some issues other mobility manufacturers encounter with their wheelchair van conversions. Our observations have shown us how we can improve the operation of a converted van by avoiding historically common mechanical failures through more reliable engineering designs. Ultimately, by simplifying and refining the process our family of customers have benefited in several ways.

Through research and testing, we have eliminated 20% of the mechanisms that cause 80% of the problems for other wheelchair van conversions. Removing these elements from our handicap accessible vehicles saves you frustration, hassle, and of course repair costs. Our goal is to provide genuinely affordable wheelchair transportation, and to help your van stay on the road!

How Simple is the AMS Vans Wheelchair Van Conversion?

Servicing your AMS Vans wheelchair van conversion is simple enough that it's frequently possible for some do-it-yourself enthusiasts to perform maintenance on their wheelchair vans themselves! Our conversions do not require a specialized service center... In fact, if you are mechanically inclined and prefer to maintain or repair approved warranty items, we welcome you to do so in most cases. (It's essential that you call us before you attempt any repairs yourself to protect your warranty. Larger repairs may require a professional mechanic.) If you choose to have your repairs done professionally, we can work with your personal mechanic or we'll identify a local certified technician as close to your home as possible to do the work.

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