Quality Assurance You Can Count On

You become family once you become an AMS Vans customer. We want our family to be safe and secure- that includes YOU. We always do our best to protect the trust placed in us by those who need mobility transportation, because lives depend on it—and it’s simply the right thing to do.

How does AMS Vans gain your confidence?

We do things the right way. Today, AMS Vans is a national leader in the mobility industry. We have the utmost confidence in the AMS Vans product, our people, and our processes, and every day is an opportunity for improvement.

Where does Quality Assurance begin?

At AMS Vans, quality assurance (QA) begins with company leadership, whose mission is to provide personal, affordable mobility transportation to everyone who needs it.

Innovation meets affordability in the dynamic AMS Vans wheelchair van conversions, with safety our #1 priority. The AMS Vans’ Quality Assurance Pledge (QAP) ensures that we have followed National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations (on all rear entry wheelchair van conversions), and in many cases, we’ve improved upon those requirements.

Is the AMS Vans conversion crash-tested?

In the United States, the NHTSA devises and implements safety standards for vehicles purchased and sold. Rather than self-certify, which many vehicle and vehicle conversion manufacturers choose to do, AMS Vans adheres to NHTSA guidelines to ensure we meet government safety requirements. AMS Vans also performs crash-testing to confirm the strength and safety of its mobility products. How do AMS Vans wheelchair van conversions hold up in these crash tests?

Since 1999, we’ve been selling the popular rear entry and side entry wheelchair van conversions manufactured by AMS Vans, and they have successfully passed all crash tests taken.

How do AMS Vans Quality Assurance Pledge (QAP) guidelines compare?

There’s virtually zero difference between the guidelines put forth by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association in their Quality Assurance Program (QAP) and the guidelines adhered to in our Quality Assurance Pledge (QAP). In fact, innovations in the AMS Vans conversion design offer additional safety measures (retaining the B pillar and rocker panel in the side entry conversion) not required by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association’s QAP, which means we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

How do we certify our used inventory?

Auto manufacturers like Toyota, Chrysler, and Dodge each create their own certification checklists for used vehicles. They all follow Federal and NHTSA vehicle standards and have incorporated industry-wide best practices. We’ve done the same.

All accessible vehicles posted in our inventory are either new or certified-used. Among other quality reviews, our detailed, industry-generated checklist includes multiple inspections by highly trained, certified mechanics.

Our QAP helps guarantee you that we’ve done our job in providing you with the one of the safest, most reliable wheelchair vans in the mobility industry.

What's on our checklist?

To answer that, we have to get specific. After all, we have several:

  • Sales checklist—Our sales checklist makes sure all the necessary paperwork, including bill of sale, license tag and tax forms, are submitted, that the information is accurate, and that you’ve received copies and relevant manuals for your vehicle.
  • Driver checklist—AMS Vans’ delivery professionals must acknowledge they’ve covered everything on the driver checklist, which includes paperwork processing upon delivery, providing copies to you, inspecting your trade-in (if applicable), and, of course, accepting your payment.
  • Vehicle inspection checklist—Our vehicles are inspected in detail multiple times to determine what needs to be done to certify each one, and to make sure all work performed meets our CQA guidelines. Vehicles are inspected when they arrive at our headquarters (trade-ins, modified and unmodified vehicle acquisitions, newly converted vans from AMS,) again during customer-vehicle conversions, mobility equipment installations and repair processes, and one final inspection before we add it to our inventory.

We invite you to take a closer look at our checklists. An enduring commitment to our customers and our incomparable quality assurance practices have made AMS Vans the successful, fast-growing company it is today. We’re committed to earning your trust—and your business!

Wheelchair Van Crash Testing

AMS Vans conversions have been fully crash tested to ensure compliance with all Federal regulations. This testing was conducted at one of the top rated testing centers in the USA, the Transportation Research Center in East Liberty, Ohio. In addition, the AMS Vans conversion has been crash-test certified at PMG Technologies in Quebec. No one else in the industry can provide you with a conversion as strong, simple and safe as the AMS Vans conversion.

AMS Vans is the smart choice for individuals, friends or families shopping for a safe, reliable and affordable wheelchair van. Don't overpay anymore, keep the extra $5,000 to $10,000 in your pocket!

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