Bruno Independence Lifts

Starting At: $1,100.00

About Bruno Independence Lifts

Bruno Independence is an industry innovator- providing mobility equipment. AMS Vans partners with Bruno to get you the right Bruno Independence lift for your vehicle!

Bruno Independence Lifts offers a variety of easy-to-use scooter and power chair lifts. The great thing is, no matter what type of vehicle you drive, there is a Bruno wheelchair lift for you. AMS Vans can fit one of the Bruno Independence lifts to your minivan (we specialize in vans), SUV, Truck or Sedan.

At AMS Vans, we offer Bruno interior lifts, exterior lifts and light-capacity lifts.

Interior lifts include the Curb-Sider, Big-Lifter and Joey.


Curb- Sider is a popular solution. The lift uses a hoist. The operator stands near the bumper or curb, connects the device and pushes a button! Curb-Sider can lift and store any scooter or power chair up to 400 lbs.

Big Lifter:

Big Lifter is similar to the Curb-Sider. The process is easy and the same as the Curb Sider, except the Curb Sider automatically rotates and stows the scooter or power chair in the vehicle. Big Lifter requires some manual labor.


The Joey lift is easy and safe! Just drive your scooter onto the platform, press a button and the Joey does all the work.

Exterior Lifts


This lift allows you to keep your vehicle’s interior free. Bruno’s Out-Sider is a platform that is secured on the back of the vehicle .


This lift can carry up to 350 lbs. on a small or mid-size car. Bruno calls this platform “a lift on wheels”. It has its own suspension to bear the full weight and force of the load.

Light Capacity Lifts:

Out-Sider Micro

The Out-Sider Micro transports your 3-wheel travel scooter easily. This is Bruno’s lightest outside scooter lift. If your scooter weighs up to 145lbs., this will work for you. Push a button and no rear-view obstruction!

Space Saver:

Economical, compact, take-a-part lift is ideal if you have limited trunk space or hatchback. Assemble the lift, connect, push a button and Space Saver will automatically lift for you. Works in almost any vehicle.

AMS Vans can make any vehicle wheelchair friendly- thanks to Bruno Independence. Call today get a Bruno Independence lift today.

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