Tri Pin Grip Spinner Knobs

Starting At: $85.00

About Tri Pin Grip Spinner Knobs

We sell handicap driving aids at our mobility superstore. Many people need hand controls to operate their vehicle. This is why we offer a Tri-Pin Grip spinner knob.

There are many different types of spinner knobs. We have a Tri-Pin Grip spinner knob that can be fitted to your steering wheel. No matter if you can grip or not, this spinner knob will help.

Once our mobility product specialists assess your vehicle and driving needs, you may need a tri-pin grip spinner knob. This spinner knob has a secure base with 3 foam pins attached to it. The driver is able to rest his/her hand and wrist comfortably in the device.

It’s lightweight, adjustable and comfortable. If you are ready to get a Tri-pin grip spinner knob, call 1-888-880-8267.

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