Wheelchair Tiedowns

Starting At: $100.00

About Wheelchair Tiedowns

We are always concerned about our customers’ safety, so we have wheelchair securement options for you in your new wheelchair accessible van.

All wheelchairs are required by law to be secured in a handicap van while in motion. So, we offer wheelchair tie downs. You will receive a set of manually-adjustable wheelchair tie downs with purchase of your new wheelchair van. Our mobility consultant will teach you how to secure the wheelchair tie downs before handing over the keys.

Basically, tie downs are “seat belts” for wheelchairs. They attach at four points on the wheelchair and anchor to the floor of the van. We love the wheelchair tie down straps. These tie downs are budget-friendly and go through top safety testing in the industry. Optional automatically-adjusting tie downs [pictured] are available for purchase.

If you have any questions or want to purchase wheelchair tie downs, call us at 1-888-880-8267.

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