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A Message from Kip, President

The way we shop has dramatically changed over the past 15 years due to the internet. We all realize the new norm for the 21st century is shopping online as it’s faster and more convenient. However, that wasn't always the case for the mobility industry, especially in 1999 when I first started buying, selling and marketing wheelchair accessible vans online.

One of our inside jokes around AMS Vans, LLC is how our conversion partner at the time and his General Manager chuckled (actually it was more like a hardy good deep laugh as they both were thinking this concept would never work) when I told them how I wanted to build a website to start marketing our new and used accessible vehicles via the internet. However, I was not joking and pressed on with the website project. I began listening and researching how we could better serve our consumers and quickly realized that total transparency, along with selection, value, convenience and exceptional customer service before, during and after the sale, would be the winning formula to aid and assist our consumers with their mobility freedom.

For almost two decades now we have built our brand and reputation around these common sense yet invaluable principles. I am humbled and honored that these principles, coupled with our awesome customers, their referrals, and our extremely talented and dedicated employees who are willing to do whatever it takes, along with our unique position as a manufacturer and direct seller, have helped us finance, sell and deliver over 10,000 wheelchair vans and vehicles to families across this great nation and around the world.”

Please allow me to personally thank each of you for placing your trust and confidence in all of us at Americas Mobility Superstore to better serve you.



Who We Serve

As we approach 20 years of service, we have provided wheelchair accessible transportation to a wide variety of groups and individuals. Our mission is to connect people with their destination by providing affordable and reliable mobility products.

Manheim, Pennsylvania

With one intense headache my wife's life changed forever. We quickly realized that transferring her in and out of a wheel chair from my car was too much. My search was on for a van that would accommod... Read More

- John T

Special Wheelchair Van Deals

$49,999 - $1,000 = $48,999
  • Stock #: 756815
  • Mileage: 10 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry Bi-Fold Pwr
  • Features: 3YR/36K Conv Wrty

$35,999 - $1,000 = $34,999
  • Stock #: 574265
  • Mileage: 41,254 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry Bi-Fold Pwr
  • Features: Bluetooth, Leather, 3YR/36K Conv Wrty, Remote Start, Driver Pwr. Seat Base, Kneeling, Lowered Floor

$30,999 - $1,000 = $29,999
  • Stock #: 802042
  • Mileage: 29,191 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry Lift Pwr
  • Features: Parking Sensors

$36,999 - $1,000 = $35,999
  • Stock #: 581377
  • Mileage: 49,209 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry Bi-Fold Pwr
  • Features: Bluetooth, Leather, 3YR/36K Conv Wrty, Remote Start, Driver Pwr. Seat Base, Kneeling, Lowered Floor

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Our Friends

We are grateful for our community friends and partners. Together will bring innovative mobility solutions and helping hands to make the world more accessible to our friends and families in the disability community.

We want to change people's lives. Our customers' stories say it all and we are thankful.

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