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When you are part of the AMS Vans Family, we are with you every step of the way. We partner with Certified Technicians nationwide to perform warranty work on your AMS Vans handicap van at a convenient location near you! No need to travel to a specialized service center. In many cases we can work directly with your personal technician or mechanic for any wheelchair van services needed.

No matter where you are, if ever you experience a problem with your wheelchair van conversion, contact AMS Vans at (888) 880-8267. AMS Vans will handle the entire process of your wheelchair accessible van’s conversion warranty service, from calling and setting up an appointment with a certified mechanic in your area (quite often “your” mechanic, if you have one) to paying the repair shop when they’ve completed the warranty service. AMS Vans will pay your mechanic directly to avoid a tedious purchase-order process.

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$24,999 - $1,000 = $23,999
  • Stock #: 101882A
  • Mileage: 106,627 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry Bi-Fold Pwr
  • Features: Backup Camera, Heated Seats, Driver Pwr. Seat Base, Lowered Floor

$50,190 - $691 = $49,499
  • Stock #: 478066T
  • Mileage: 17,430 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry In-Floor Pwr
  • Features: Backup Camera, Bluetooth, 3YR/36K Conv Wrty, Driver Pwr. Seat Base, Kneeling, Lowered Floor, ADA Compliant

$35,694 - $695 = $34,999
  • Stock #: 291181T
  • Mileage: 26,366 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry Bi-Fold Pwr
  • Features: Driver Pwr. Seat Base, Kneeling, Lowered Floor

$36,194 - $500 = $35,694
  • Stock #: 545854T
  • Mileage: 41,822 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry Bi-Fold Pwr
  • Features: Bluetooth, Leather, 3YR/36K Conv Wrty, Remote Start, Driver Pwr. Seat Base, Kneeling, Lowered Floor

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