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Bonnie F | Decatur, Alabama

JP,  Sorry it has taken me a while to reply to your email. I wanted a bit of time to get a full experience of the van. And i have to say that we Love Love Love the van. It is wonderful. It has provided a freedom that we so greatly needed. It is so wonderful to say to all of our kids go get in the van and they can. Sam has been telling everyone about his new van. He has really enjoyed not being lifted all the time, (which means less pain for him). And It is so nice as his parents to not have to lift him and his wheelchair in and out of the vehicle. The ramp has been easy to use, and the upgrade to the q-straints has made it so easy to get in and out of the van (thank you, best upgrade ever). Dad calls out "ok pit crew" and every one grabs a strap and he's buckled in a few seconds. I love it. The family is really enjoying the van.  The service that we received while buying the van was wonderful. Everyone was so helpful and very friendly. We have been pricing vans for a while now and felt that we received the best price with your company. Thank you so much.  We have already received paperwork to register our van. We appreciate the prompt service.  Thank you for a wonderful buying experience. Sincerely Bonnie Findlay

Wheelchair Van Specials

View some of the best priced wheelchair accessible vans for sale in the mobile industy:

$24,999 - $1,000 = $23,999
  • Stock #: 101882A
  • Mileage: 106,627 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry Bi-Fold Pwr
  • Features: Backup Camera, Heated Seats, Driver Pwr. Seat Base

$26,995 - $1,000 = $25,995
  • Stock #: 072731
  • Mileage: 93,428 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Rear Entry Short
  • Features: Backup Camera, 3YR/36K Conv Wrty, Driver Pwr. Seat Base, ADA Compliant

$41,995 - $1,000 = $40,995
  • Stock #: 496159
  • Mileage: 40,343 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry In-Floor Pwr
  • Features: 3YR/36K Conv Wrty, ADA Compliant

$44,995 - $1,500 = $43,495
  • Stock #: 855461
  • Mileage: 28 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry Bi-Fold Pwr
  • Features: Backup Camera, Bluetooth, Leather, 3YR/36K Conv Wrty, Remote Start, Driver Pwr. Seat Base

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