AMS Vans Testimonials | Debra O

Debra O | Clemmons, North Carolina

Jill, We are so excited to be getting the new van updated with the EZ-Lock. Today is the day!! I also wanted to finally get back to you and tell you how our Dodge Caravan from AMS Vans saved the lives of my 2 daughters, my sister and my brother?s fiance. We purchased a Dodge Caravan Conversion Van for Michelle in 2008. AMS Vans was the choice for us even though they were 2 states away. We drove our Dodge Caravan home and my daughter was the happiest person around! We loved the van, the people at AMS Vans and the independence Michelle gained. I even came out ahead?.less bending and struggling! In September of 2010, Michelle took her sister to Disney (Florida) for a Birthday Surprise. Along with Michelle and Nicole were my sister Lisa and my sister-in-law to-be, Dawn. All traveling for birthday fun and also to assist with Michelle?s needs. Upon heading back home, less than an hour or so into the trip, the girls were plowed into by a huge dually truck, pulling a trailer. Our van was at a standstill when it was hit, as another accident had occurred up ahead. The force of the 55 mph the dually truck was traveling, knocked our van into other vehicles, knocked the door off, busted the windows, and was in such beat-up shape, no door would open. Thankfully the passenger door was knocked off in the accident, as it allowed Nicole and Dawn to exit the van and figure out how to attempt to get Michelle and Lisa out. Michelle was pulled out through the two front seats and Lisa was extracted by the ?jaws of life? when the fire/emergency personnel arrived. All my family in the van survived, and if you look at the pictures, you will certainly understand why I honestly believe, without a doubt, that if it were not for God, Angels and the excellent conversion work by AMS Vans, my family may not all be here today. Not only is the work excellent, but the helpfulness and concern of the employees is also very strong, personal and sincere. When I got that frantic call about the accident, I immediately called insurance, then I made a frantic call to Jill at AMS Vans, grasping for help?. I needed a way to get the wheelchair and my family home, as our 2008 Dodge was totaled. Jill?s reaction was that of concern and help! She immediately told me she would keep my family in her prayers and then put me in touch with the person who could arrange a rental van from AMS Vans. I needed this transaction to be a smooth and easy one, as the rest of the trip and whole accident process would be rough and emotional. Thank you AMS Vans for a smooth and easy rental transaction! When I got to Florida to pick up my family and the damaged wheelchair, I realized that I would need the rental van for an extended period of time. I had access to the rental van from AMS Vans, for five weeks, while we got our thoughts together and decisions made. Without the rental conversion van, my family would have been immobile. Not only was Michelle needing to get from point ?A? to point ?B?, but my sister who suffered 2 broken legs was also confined to a wheelchair. The rental van was my way of getting Michelle around and getting my sister to doctor appts, therapy, church, and just ?out? on occasion to keep her spirits up. When we returned the rental, we were also picking up our new Town & Country AMS Van. We were moving ahead. As we were getting settled in the new van, and looking it over, I realized that I would be hauling 2 wheelchairs for quite a while, sometimes both at the same time?? I would need an extra seat belt. There was not a hesitation, just a quick response to assist my family on their road to recovery. We drove away with our van and the 2 seat belts we would need. What a wonderful experience again!!! Today, we are back to ?finish? the conversion. Michelle?s wheelchair was also totaled in the accident. After gathering all our information for insurance and getting to a wheelchair clinic, Michelle finally received her new power chair in May. We will be leaving Georgia today with the EZ-Lock portion completed! YES!!! My heartfelt thank you to all those at AMS Vans; Jill, Chris and the whole crew. All have helped give my family and my sister some independence during the emotional and physical healing process. In addition, I thank them for the continued smile they have put on Michelle?s face - all PRICELESS!!!! You ask WHY we drive from North Carolina to Georgia for the conversion van???? I think you know. We look at it as a visit to our AMS Van family! My heart will be forever thankful for the caring people, and the caring work that goes into vans that they convert. To this day, my dad and I still believe that it was the personal attention, quality of work, the care of the technicians and the reinforced conversion that saved the lives of all 4 members of our family! Thankfully, Debra Orden Clemmons, NC

Wheelchair Van Specials

View some of the best priced wheelchair accessible vans for sale in the mobile industy:

$32,499 - $500 = $31,999
  • Stock #: 463875
  • Mileage: 44,844 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Rear Entry Long
  • Features: Backup Camera, Bluetooth, Leather, 3YR/36K Conv Wrty, Parking Sensors, Heated Seats, Remote Start, Driver Pwr. Seat Base, Lowered Floor, ADA Compliant

$29,999 - $500 = $29,499
  • Stock #: 574204
  • Mileage: 50,739 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Rear Entry Short
  • Features: Backup Camera, Bluetooth, Leather, 3YR/36K Conv Wrty, Driver Pwr. Seat Base, Lowered Floor, ADA Compliant

$36,999 - $1,000 = $35,999
  • Stock #: 581377
  • Mileage: 49,209 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry Bi-Fold Pwr
  • Features: Bluetooth, Leather, 3YR/36K Conv Wrty, Remote Start, Driver Pwr. Seat Base, Kneeling, Lowered Floor

$63,385 - $691 = $62,694
  • Stock #: 842524T
  • Mileage: 3,569 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry In-Floor Pwr
  • Features: Backup Camera, Bluetooth, DVD Player, Leather, 3YR/36K Conv Wrty, Parking Sensors, Navigation System, Sunroof, Heated Seats, Driver Pwr. Seat Base, Pass. Pwr. Seat Base, Kneeling, Lowered Floor, ADA Compliant

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