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Margaret A | Poughkeepsie, New York

Sorry that I took so long to answer this email, but I have been swamped with life. However My life has been changed so much by my new/used van, that I do not know where to start. First, weather permitting, we are out almost everyday for a small ride -- less than 2 miles round trip. My father and mother would be in a nursing home if they did not live with me. When they first came, I could transfer my father from a wheelchair to the car by myself. As his condition declined, I could no longer do that safely, even with the assistance of my children. He became housebound except for doctor's appointments when I would hire an ambulette. Emotionally, this was taking a toll on him. Ever since I purchased the van, I get home from work and if he wants to - out we go - no problems. I have given him back an independence that he needed - the ability to leave my house safely. I can get him into his wheelchair, to the van and back to the house by myself. We just go for a short ride or stop at a convenience store. It sounded like an extravagance at first but his emotional state has improved so much that I wish that I had thought of purchasing a van sooner. Even his doctor visits have become so much easier. We have much more independence. I got him and my mother to a football game and I am hoping for the spring to attend many more of my children's events with them. This would not have been possible without your sales assistance. So, to answer some technical questions - 1. I found out about you by searching the web. 2. Registering the car in another state was not difficult. 3. The garage that I took my van to for an inspection was very impressed with the conversion. 4. Yes, I was nervous about buying a huge expense over the internet, but you made it so easy and the product has proven to be so reliable that I am pleasantly relieved. 5. The testimonial that got to me was the one about the man who used the van every weekend to pick up his grandfather at the nursing home and bring him to his house for the weekend. The mention was something about improving his quality of life for his last 8 months of life. That testimonial assured me that what I was doing was right - the expense would justify the results. 6. My parents would be in a nursing home if they did not live with me and the only part of their care that I was missing was transportation. Now I have it. 7. Yes, I have only put on about 150 miles, but it has been a "blessed" 150 miles - my mom is the copilot and I put my dad in the middle so that he can see straight out between the driver's seat and my mom's seat. 8. Thank you ever so much for the service that you provide. Peg A Poughkeepsie, NY

Wheelchair Van Specials

View some of the best priced wheelchair accessible vans for sale in the mobile industy:

$49,999 - $3,000 = $46,999
  • Stock #: 120312P
  • Mileage: 36,607 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry In-Floor Pwr
  • Features: 3YR/36K Conv Wrty

$50,014 - $3,000 = $47,014
  • Stock #: 130633P
  • Mileage: 32,890 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry In-Floor Pwr
  • Features: 3YR/36K Conv Wrty

$56,424 - $6,429 = $49,995
  • Stock #: 016923
  • Mileage: 182 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry In-Floor
  • Features: Backup Camera, Bluetooth, 3YR/36K Conv Wrty, Lowered Floor

$49,999 - $3,000 = $46,999
  • Stock #: 752420
  • Mileage: 38 Miles
  • Ramp/Lift: Side Entry Bi-Fold Pwr
  • Features: Backup Camera, Bluetooth, DVD Player, Leather, 3YR/36K Conv Wrty, Parking Sensors, Navigation System, Heated Seats, Remote Start, Driver Pwr. Seat Base, Pass. Pwr. Seat Base

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