Advantages of Buying a Wheelchair Van from AMS Vans, LLC

Like any major purchase, buying a wheelchair accessible van is a huge decision, made even more meaningful by what's at stake--your independence. The team at AMS Vans understands how what we do affects your life, and we've built our stellar reputation nationwide by offering some of the safest, strongest, and most reliable handicap vans in the mobility industry, along with incomparable customer service.

  • AMS Vans, LLC was established in 1999 expressly to sell genuinely affordable wheelchair vans to everyone who needs enhanced mobility. That's why we focus most on certified used vans and other used accessible vehicles.
  • Our virtual showroom is accessible 24/7/365! Browse through our extensive inventory of mobility vehicles at your leisure without ever leaving home. If you're in the neighborhood (the greater Atlanta area), visit our 20,000 sq. ft. showroom of ready-to-ride handicap vans.
  • Newly modified AMS-brand vehicles (the side entry "Legend II", short-channel rear entry "Edge" and long-channel rear entry "Edge II" models), the Toyota Sienna "Genesis", our Ford Transit conversions and Mobility SVM's accessible Chevy Silverado pickup truck all come with an outstanding conversion warranty honored nationwide.
  • We accept all types of trade-ins including cars, trucks, SUVs and professionally modified wheelchair accessible vehicles.
  • AMS Vans maintains a constantly-refreshed inventory of late-model year accessible Chrysler Town & Countrys, Dodge Grand Caravans, Honda Odysseys and Toyota Siennas, as well as full size customizable Ford Transits and the new accessible Silverado from Chevrolet and Mobility SVM.
  • Experience depreciation minimization! When you purchase a low-mileage, gently pre-owned wheelchair accessible vehicle, you're far less likely to lose thousands of dollars when you "drive off the lot". Every vehicle we sell goes through an extensive inspection process.
  • Our exceptional customer service supports you as long as you own your accessible van.
  • A toll-free, 24-hour conversion emergency help line assists our customers in any location across the country.
  • AMS Vans delivers your vehicle to your door! Nationwide risk-free delivery.
  • Since many of our customers are purchasing a vehicle sight unseen, every one has the right of refusal upon delivery. If a customer is dissatisfied with the van for any reason, we'll take it back to our headquarters and refund payment in full. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Ask us about our record in this department. You'll be impressed!
  • For those who would like to try before buying, we offer handicap van rentals with a discount toward your purchase. (Some restrictions apply.)

Ramp vs Lift - Which is Better?

Choosing a wheelchair ramp over a lift system could come down to a matter of budget and personal preference. Both get you safely in and out of your vehicle, however ramps tend to be more cost effective and take up less space, leaving more room for passengers inside. Depending on variables like van conversion type, or if you have a caregiver, a ramp may or may not benefit from a kneeling system as well.

While chair-only lifts can fit within not only a van or minivan and also some SUVs and pickup trucks, you sacrifice that versatility for the fact you still need to transfer from your chair to your vehicle. A full-size platform lift can bring chair and occupant inside, but you would also need a full-size van to fit it. Power ramps and lifts are typically operated by remote and all have emergency manual deployment or stow capability should your vehicle lose power.

Wheelchair lifts are great when space limitations or height requirements make a ramp prohibitive. A wheelchair van with a lowered floor and ramp allows for remarkable versatility and comfort. Call AMS Vans for a needs assessment, and we'll help you find exactly what wheelchair accessible vehicle fits you best!

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